The Art of the Cheese Plate

Cheese Your Own Adventure…

Our inaugural collaboration with Rizzoli was a fromage fantasy! We partnered with some of NYC’s chicest boutiques to source and style the textiles, surfaces, and pottery that make this cheese book stand alone. Tia Keenan’s inspired cheese plates informed an aesthetic that was fantastical and sexy- like cheese itself. Noah Fecks’ phenomenal photography coupled with Editor Jono Jarret’s keen sense of storytelling melted into a cheesy dream team!



Author + Food Stylist

Tia Keenan


Noah Fecks

Prop Stylist


Set Design



Jono Jarret

Our styling led to one of Rizzoli's fastest reprints due in part to the myriad vendors we partnered with, like Anthropologie, selling thousands of copies.

It penetrated major media from to Parade magazine, with hits at O, Bon Appetite, and the Wall Street Journal.

Follow the aging process online @ #cheeseyourownadventure